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Expert Civil Practice and Dispute Resolution Services

Our firm boasts an expansive trial court practice, with a particular expertise in civil law matters. We have a wealth of experience and deep understanding in dealing with various enactments and procedures under civil law, including administrative law, property laws, service laws, inter-state disputes, writs, education matters, civil appeals, criminal appeals, mining matters, CBI matters, intellectual property matters, and corporate matters.

Our civil practice encompasses a wide range of services, including:

1. Civil Suits: We handle civil suits of various nature, including recovery suits and suits related to property disputes, contract disputes, and other civil matters. Our team is skilled in navigating the complexities of civil litigation and providing effective representation.

2. Corporate & Commercial Disputes: We offer expert assistance in resolving corporate and commercial disputes, including disputes arising from contractual agreements, business transactions, shareholder disputes, and corporate governance issues. Our team provides strategic advice and represents clients in corporate and commercial litigation.

3. Contractual Disputes: We specialize in resolving contractual disputes, ensuring that our clients’ rights and obligations under various agreements are protected. Our team provides guidance on contract interpretation, breach of contract, and remedies available under contract law.

4. Consumer and Service-related Disputes: We represent clients in consumer and service-related disputes, advocating for their rights and seeking fair resolutions. Our team is experienced in handling disputes related to consumer protection laws and service agreements.

5. White Collar Criminal Matters: We have a strong background in white-collar criminal matters, including fraud cases and other financial crimes. Our team provides effective defense representation, navigating complex criminal laws and procedures.

6. Dispute Resolution in Judicial and Quasi-judicial Tribunals: We represent clients in dispute resolution proceedings before various judicial and quasi-judicial tribunals and forums. This includes appearing before the National Company Law Tribunal, appellate tribunals, tax tribunals, competition commission, electricity tribunal, telecom disputes tribunal, designated authorities, and other adjudicatory bodies.

Our commitment is to provide diligent representation and effective dispute resolution services to our clients. We leverage our expertise in civil law, our understanding of relevant legal procedures, and our track record of successful outcomes to achieve the best results for our clients.

Contact us today to discuss your civil practice and dispute resolution needs, and let us guide you through the complexities of civil law matters.

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